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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kid Powered Car Craft!

On an earlier post I talked about all the boxes I had lying around and how to make helmets. This post is about how to make a wearable car from the larger boxes. Its kid powered (no batteries or laziness needed) and kid decorated if you choose. I chose to decorate this one on my own, but kids can create the look of the car too!

You’ll need:
Larger box (I used a bulk Huggies diaper box)
White paper (either computer with more taping or just large construction paper)
A marker
Decorating scraps for the outside (optional)
Something to color in the car
String or fabric scraps
Clear packing tape

Start by taping the flaps of the box down on the inside of the box on both sides. Next, cover the box in white paper using packing tape. Once the box is completely white use a black marker to draw on all sides the car outline. At the top of the box/car about 2-3 inches from the side depending on your child cut two holes at the front of the car and two holes at the back for the arm loops. Tie the string or fabric threw the holes, measure the right length for this by putting the box on the child and marking where the string should be tied off. Once the string/fabric is attached test it on the child to make sure the string is at the right length. Now either color the car yourself or allow the kids to decorate it. For extra panache you can cut out pieces of fabric or felt to make the car pop or add the textures for learning and an extra fun look. You can also add sand paper or string dangling or anything else that adds to the look and texture of the car! Be creative and then watch your little drives go ZOOOM!

I suggest setting up a car obstacle course with pillows to “drive over”, tunnels, corners, stop signs, and lights! Add learning shapes with signs, colors with lights, and obeying commands with the different requirements in the obstacle course! Maybe, set up a kid race track and have them run (literally) the course while being timed! You could also make a helmet with the helmet instructions. If you do this be prepared for your child to look very much like the old Atari characters (all boxy), but know they will have a blast!

Create away and have fun with this cost efficient, recycled, kid powered toy!


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