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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Under the Sea: The Octopus and Me!

School is in session and let the kiddie crafting begin!  To explore some of the fun places people go in the summer why not learn about some under the sea animals?!  What might you see if you lived under the sea?  What do you see at an aquarium?  What sea creature has the most legs that you've seen?  All are great questions to spark learning and crafting is a great way to back up those valuable lessons and explore problem solving with a dash of creativity!

Start by finding some household items you no longer need.  If your recycling bin is kept fairly clean you can always start there. 

We found some old felt strips, toilet paper rolls, and happen to have some googly eyes laying about. 

The mom job for this craft is to hot glue on the felt or paper strips to the inside of your octopus. 

Ask your little one how many legs to add, if the paper or felt is not already in strips have them try their hand at cutting it into strips with child safety scissors. 

Next, bring out the decorations. 

Have them paint, glue, or stick the desired "skin" to their octopus! 

We see no problem multitasking with multiple brushes, TIME SAVER!

Now, glue on your googly eyes and let dry.

Mommy Moment: Take a moment to be silly and swim around the house with your kids and their newest pets!  Remember knowledge can be something given to a child when they are having fun and don't realize they are learning!

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