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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bath Toy Organizer Set by Bath Time Fun

I don't know about you but bath-time is playtime for my kids, but those darn bathtoys like to collect non-clean mildew and other grossness.  Not very mommy friendly.  I have gone through a few different bath holders and either they start to get gross because they aren't all mesh.  Then their are the little suction cup hooks that I usually hang the loafa's with always seem to fall down or to not hold on to the power of a 2 year old grip. 
Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Bath Toy Organizer Set By Bath Fun Time:  I am really impressed by this bath product.  The bag is huge and holds a ton of toys, plus it is entirely mesh so instead of mildew the water just drips out while it hangs there keeping my bath time still clean time, not germ time.  The really impressive part of this, to me at least, was the hooks.  They lock on so no more 2 year old Hercules moves with the loafa's!  The little squeaky toys are a great addition to our bath-time collection and my 2 year old is obsessed with the little turtle!  
I have had nets before, but they have been too small and the toys either weigh it down or they just spill out the top.  The larger toy holders then to have non-mesh on the sides or bottoms and then it's mildew central.  It never fails I can wash the toys as much as I want, but eventually the bags just create mildew and I'm stuck scrubbing.  I am hopeful that this continues to hold up as well as it seems to be as it is mesh and big enough for all our bathtime fun!  Check it out for yourself:Bath Toy Organization by Bath Time Fun
Product Description
Bath Toy Organizer Set By Bath Fun Time + 2 Extra Strong Suction Cups + 6 Bath Toys for Babies + 2 Loofahs + 2 ebooks: "Breast Feeding Guide for new mothers" and "Potty training Guide".
Large Size Net, white color,  Washable, Mold Resistance, Tidy Clean Bathtub.

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