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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LTD Commodities Review and Giveaway!

So, we have been invited to be on board with the LTD Commodities Spring Garden campaign.  We, of course, accepted and placed an order to help make this summer a fun one while sprucing up the garden a bit!  Check out my experience ordering from this site, enter our $25 Gift Code Giveaway, and learn what #letyourgnomeroam is all about! 

So, first things first let's talk about this site.  I am trying to turn my black thumb into a more green one as my children's interest has been peaked on learning how things grow.  I also have a hubby who is an avid birder when time allows and would love to make our home more of a bird sanctuary so he can still get his birdy fix during the times when we can't take a trip to go find those little buggers.  I was very pleasantly surprised that I could achieve all this and more on this site.  
They seem to have a little and in some cases a lot of everything!  From home decor, to kid fun, to gardening bliss they had something for every need around the house.  I literally could have gone nuts at this site.  It not only has a ton of stuff, but the prices are comparable to the brick and mortar places that I usually shop and in many cases much better.  I checked out their garden collection and was super excited to see the amazing stuff they had!  I may have gone a little nuts shopping here because of this as a warning to yourself, keep your eyes on the prize or your goal on this site or you'll end up with a billion detours and hurting wallet!  So, first things first getting our garden going.

Currently they have an event going on called Time to Bloom: Get Your Garden Ready to Grow which lines up perfectly with our currently trying to turn green thumb attempts.  They have some seriously cool stuff that I think can help any gardener, the great gardeners who are practically entirely green with the stuff they can grow and those like me whom have cause cactus's to sweat when we walk by.  I'm trying to get some veggies started and they had the perfect items for tomatoes which we tend to eat by the lb here.  I snagged a few things for this and could have snagged a lot more, but am trying to not overwhelm myself or overestimate my abilities.  

Next, we turned to the bird sanctuary creation.  We already have a total of 4 hummingbird feeders hanging in the yard with one more currently not put out.  We have two port feeders and the other two are your larger feeders and the hummers love them!  I personally love hummingbirds and wish I could grow flowers to bring them to the yard, but alas that is not something I've been able to sustain so I rely on feeders.  I found the most amazing looking hummingbird feeder on this site and snapped it up!  It will be perfect for a front yard feeder as it looks good and brings in the birds.  I also nabbed up a seriously cool themometer seed feeder!  Perfect for tracking just how hot it gets here as an exploration of weather with the kids, plus bringing birds other than hummers to the yard.  Bird Sanctuary beginnings are in the works. 

Lastly, it is the summer before my daughter goes to kindergarten and we are looking to take a real vacation probably to a beach and have some fun before she starts cutting off those apron strings as she heads off to learn without mommy to look over her shoulder.  So, we found a seriously cool beach tool, a catch and release aquarium!  Perfect for checking out beach creatures without harming them!  I can't wait to show this to them on our trip!  Then we will use the camping lanterns I got for evenings on the beach and if we get a rainy day I grabbed a Discovery Kids Laser Tag!  Can I get my coolest mom ever sticker yet?  

I was very pleased with the items on this site and their cost.  It was very easy to make the purchase.  They offer checking out with them or via paypal so you can order in whatever way you feel comfortable!    

Now, to the parts I know you are really chomping for the giveaways!  First, what is #letyourgnomeroam all about?  Garden Gnome Photo Contest Details: It is a gnome photo contest April 20 until May 3rd with a winner announced on May 11th. You can check the contest out by using the hashtag #letyourgnomeroam and don't forget to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift voucher clicking on the link above. 

Now make sure to enter to win the $25 Gift Code here going from April 21nd until May 15th.  Then drop in on the  #letyourgnomeroam giveaway to win a $100 Gift Voucher!  

Disclaimer: This post and giveaway have been Sponsored by LTD Commodities.  However, all opinions are my own.


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