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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Travel Hardwear Money Belt, Wallet, Passport Holder with Free Luggage Straps

I hate having to grab and change things in and out of the diaper bag into my purse.  Worst is having to lug around both. I can pull octo-mom arms all day, but their are times when one less bag or one smaller transition would be a huge time saver!

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Travel Hardwear Money Belt, Wallet and Luggage straps:  We have been thinking more and more about the things we want to expose our children too and travelling abroad is one of them.  In doing research I realize that tourists are obvious and easy targets.  Us with 3 kids in tow would be easy pickings if we were abroad.  I can't wait to one day put the Money belt to work as it will allow me to put our needed money items on my person in a place that would be harder to pick off of me.
In the mean time I have set this up as a way for me to transition between my purse and my diaper bag.  Instead of having to take both I can slip this along the inside of the diaper bag without having to cut down on the amount of wipes or diapers I bring or leave a check book or change purse at home so I have room for all the changes of clothes, wipes, diapers, and other items needed for 3 kids.  I haven't tried it yet, but if the trip were long enough and I didn't have the room for this slim insert, than I could just wear it like I would if we were traveling abroad.  Seems like a great mommy tweak to a cool product to me.  Meant and works for travelers, adapted and utilized by moms!
The Luggage Wraps are great!  Fun colors attached to your bag helps you easily tell them apart from any other look alike bags out there.  Plus, if you are traveling with luggage and a smaller rolling carry on you can slip it through the handles and attached one bag to the other for easier transport through the airport or hotel.  We only have so many hands to use, attaching a few bags together can make travelling much easier!  They seem to be pretty durable and easy to clasp, yet pretty sturdy to handle holding two bags together, just like anything else do try running with bags tied together, and take elevators, the straps can only do so much to help keep you moving forward on your trip!
I think these are definitely worth checking out for your next trip, or maybe mommy cheat!  

Product Description

Travel Hardwear Money Belt, Wallet, Passport Holder with Free Luggage Straps

  • THE PERFECT MONEY BELT? - At Travel Hardwear we strive for perfection. Our money belt is made with extra-strong, lightweight, water-resistant nylon rip-stop. The flat buckle, thin construction and neutral color means no one can see the bulge under your shirt. On the skin-facing side you will find a soft, breathable, itch-free mesh panel. Two zippered pockets made with metal zippers plus an internal credit card slot allow for easy organization of your Passport, cash, tickets and credit cards.
    DON'T LET PICKPOCKETS AND THIEVES RUIN YOUR HOLIDAY - A modern money belt is a required accessory for anyone travelling overseas. No matter how careful you are it is just too easy for pickpockets to steal your wallet or purse in crowded areas. Don't learn the hard way!
    BUILT-IN RFID SCANNING PROTECTION - Sophisticated criminals are now using RFID scanning equipment to capture sensitive personal data from your Passport or credit card chips. Our high-tech cloth blend has RFID shielding technology woven into the cloth to make sure your identity stays safe.
    FREE LUGGAGE STRAPS ($20 Value) As a special bonus to our valued customers we have included two premium luggage straps. While some people might think they don't need luggage straps we suggest you give them a try. These unique colorful straps measure (180 x 6 cm) and are designed to fit any standard suitcase. They allow you to easily pick out your suitcase and never worry about someone else accidentally taking your precious suit case.
    IRONCLAD GUARANTEE - It is simple. You ever have an issue with one of our products and we will fix it, replace it or give you 100% of your money back! 

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