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Monday, March 2, 2015

Baking Time Fondant Rolling Pin

 Since she was young we have called my daughter Miss Cakes.  She has now become a baking fanatic and is the resident Little Chef in this house.  We are exploring her interests with new recipes and as her skills and interest grows we add to her cooking tools.  She recently asked about exploring some desserts and while I do not have monster cooking chops, I have pulled up the Google and started to find recipe's for the kid's.  Naturally anything with sugar has my son jumping in on the fun!  
Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of Baking Time's Fondant Rolling Pin:  First of all I have never worked with or made Fondant before so this was going to be an adventure.  I have eaten it before and some fondant has tasted better than others.  I noticed through my tasting experiences that I personally liked the Fondant made using Marshmallows.  So the recipe we used was:

1 1/2 cup Marshmallows
2 Tablespoons Butter
Food Coloring
1 teaspoon of flavor of your choice
3-4 cups of powdered sugar

First we melted the butter in a microwave safe bowl.  Add in the Marshmallows and microwave for 30 seconds stirring in between until melted.  Now add in the powdered sugar 1/2 cup by 1/2 cup until your fondant is formed.  Make sure to use the sifter for all powdered sugar applications!  Spread powdered sugar on your counter top and  knead your fondant. 

Now decide on color and flavor.  We couldn't decide on the flavor and decided to try one Vanilla and one Almond.  We tore the fondant in half and rolled into a ball, then we formed it into a bowl shape.  Put the flavor of your choice and 3 drops of color of your choice.  It is easier if you put the color into a tablespoon of powdered sugar in a bowl and create a color paste, this way it won't spill all over your counter-top.  

Once you've filled your fondant bowl fold the color and flavor into your fondant.  Make sure you re-coat your counter-top well with powdered sugar and refold your fondant.  Now,  cover your fondant in saran wrap and put in the fridge over night.  Take out and knead in your hands to warm it up.  Putting down more powdered sugar roll it into a ball and put it on the counter.  Now roll it out.

This is where my review comes in.  First thing I noticed about this was that the fondant doesn't stick at all to the roller.  Plus, we could choose how thick we wanted the fondant to be using one of the two thickness guides that they offer.  It is durable and survived a few drops on the floor.  Easy to wipe off and clean makes this a great addition to anyone's kitchen.  It is so easy to use that a kid can use it.  Our fondant ended up even and smooth.  Now only if it could magically place it on the cake that would have been perfect!  
Product Description
  • Non-stick rolling pin, use it to roll out fondant on to a textured patterned mat for sugar craft & cupcakes.
    Roll the perfect thickness fondant, biscuit/cookie dough, marzipan and pastry using the size guide rings.
    Measures 9 inches / 23 cms. The thickness ring guides measure 1/8 or 1/16 in height.
    Essential tool for the kitchen to use with impression mats, when cake decorating.
    Easy to use for professional sugar craft results. This durable rolling pin is perfect for levels of baking.

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