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Monday, March 9, 2015

Adorable and Affordable Nursery Cuteness

So, I have a little of my own, plus I'm going to be an Auntie soon!  So naturally, I'm looking for some baby cuteness for my sister and myself.  I found some serious cuteness going on at Baby Bedding Town, you can find them here:, and the prices were pretty good when compared to some of the brick and mortar places I've looked through.  They had some seriously expensive items for those of you with large wallets plus some items for those of us a little more wallet consious that didn't lack in the cuteness factor!  If you are looking for yourself or someone you know check them out!  Get some adorable stuff to finish the nest up with and have it delivered, save yourself the drag of waddling through the store pregnant!
What is your favortie item, I'm going back and forth between an nastalgic Snoopy 5 peice bedding set currently for about 129.00 and a 5 peice monkey bed set currently for about 119.00.  They are just so adorable I can't stand it!
They even have stuff for the older kids!  I found a belt holder for my little ninja that may just have to go under the tree this year to hold all of his belts!  Plus, a table top Vanity for my little lady!  This way we can set it on a table in her room instead of taking up more space with and entire seperate peice!  Love that idea! Multi-purpose all the way!  Just thought I'd pass on some cuteness!  

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