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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rogers Gourmet Organic Coffee Review

Life is busy and sometimes I just need a little pick me up to keep going or get started.  So, I grab my trusty mug and turn to either some tea or some coffee.  Something to help sooth the nerves and boost my energy.  For this review I will be reaching for some Coffee!  Added bonus, my house with smell like a yummy hipster java house!

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Rogers Gourmet Organic Coffee:  Their is nothing better in the morning than the smell of freshly brewed coffee.  Their is just something about it that has my neurons firing on all cylinders.  It's even better if that amazing smell is coupled with an amazing taste!  So I got to test out some Gourmet Coffees.   I first appreciated that with each flavor they didn't try to add a ton of weird flavors or things that seem breakfast-y.  The most they did was the French Roast which in my opinion is a perfectly subtle way to give coffee a smoother taste to complement any meal.
Let's start by addressing the outlier of the group, the Decaf.  Organic Gorilla Decaf Coffee that didn't get that way via chemicals.  They used the Natural Water Process which is healthier and doesn't put any harsh chemicals in your body.  The taste of the coffee was amazing.  It tasted like I was drinking a Regular cup of Dark Coffee.  I think it is the perfect cheat for those who need the decaf, but crave the flavor of a cup of dark Joe!
On the opposite side of the spectrum the Organic Hurricane Espresso Coffee is the opposite end of the spectrum.  This coffee definitely gave me a jolt in a cup!  It wasn't over-powering with flavor though which can be a struggle for an espresso.  Don't drink this if you plan on sleeping anytime soon, that is for sure!  My favorite out of all of the flavors was the Organic Java Love Coffee.  It has a smooth taste with a smooth finish.  It tasted like it should have poured out of the cup like a maple syrup instead of a coffee.  It is a darker coffee and the taste gave hints of something other than coffee that I couldn't put my finger on.  If you are looking for a good Organic Coffee then I would recommend checking out these!

Product Description 100% Organic French Roast Coffee: Enjoy the distinct, smoky, bold taste French Roast fanatics love. 100% Organic. 100% Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee: A bright and flavorful blend of the finest, organic Central and South American coffees. A perfect way to start the morning. 100% Organic Gorilla Decaf Coffee: Full-city roasted taste that is big, strong yet mellow. Decaffeinated using the Natural Water Process. 100% Organic Hurricane Espresso Coffee: A whirlwind of dark roasts blended to give a potent, vibrant cup with a calm aftertaste. 100% Organic. 100% Organic Java Love Coffee: An exotic and syrupy blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees. 100% Organic. 100% Organic Zen Blend Coffee: A perfect balance of Central American arabicas. Light and smooth, for a meditative start to your day. 100% Organic.

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