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Friday, February 27, 2015

Alec Bradley cigars

I have had 3 babies and one thing I noticed was that a lot of traditions have been lost on the process.  People still have baby showers, but now their are sprinklings for the children past the first.  People still send balloons or flowers when the baby is born, but less hands on help or casseroles are delivered.  And their isn't much congratulatory celebrating of the father once the baby is born.  While I think their is always room for new traditions, sometimes it is nice to visit traditions that have been forgotten or a little less practiced.  

Mommy Moments with Abby's review of Alec Bradley Cigars, Baby Girl Congrats:  I received a few Alec Bradley Cigars that have the specific purpose of being for the birth of a baby.  I know a few smokers out their and they have kids.  I have often wondered why they don't partake in the tradition of the celebratory cigar.  If you are going to smoke, why not do it right with a cigar?  
As far as these cigars go they seem to be good quality.  They have the Baby Girl Cigar band indicating the purpose of their presence.  They are rolled tightly with little to no flaking of the leaf itself.  A good length means they will last, which is more than I can say for the cigarettes I see those in the smoking sections outside smoking.  Plus, these have a great smell!  Earthy, a little nutty but that could just be me.
Honestly, I was half tempted to turn it into potpourri as it would have made a great library or den scent to have. 
Their are two people that usually get forgotten when a new baby is born: fathers and siblings; at least when it comes to receiving gifts.  This is a great gift for those new fathers, a small reminder that they are a big part of this new being and a great tradition that our grandfathers experienced.  A great way to pass on a moment that can be shared and reflected upon within the generations!  I think I know some new daddy's who wouldn't mind a moment of reflection after 9 months of pregnant wife and 18 years of sleepless nights ahead of them.  Even if your not a smoker it's a classic gift and an excuse to take a moment in some fresh air to reflect upon the amazing moments you just had becoming a new parent!  Maybe a great way to give this moment to someone you know? 

Grab some of your own HERE

Product Description

It's A Boy /It's A Girl CigarsAlec Bradley cigars represent some of the finest premium cigar selections available today. With their passion for excellence, Alec Bradley premium cigars are expertly handmade using only the most select tobaccos from all over the world, and have achieved some of the highest cigar tasting scores. When you light-up an Alec Bradley cigar you can expect a cigar made to the highest standards of quality for a smoke that's consistently rich in flavor and aroma. Try some today and taste for yourself!
Country: Honduras 
Shape: Toro
Size: 6 x 50 
Strength: Mild
Wrapper Color: Natural 
Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan
Price: 62.99 for a box of 20 or $6.50 for a single

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