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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make a Splurge Night!

Sometimes we just need to get away with out hubbies and remember our womanly side.  That's why I think it's important every few months to plan a big date-night   One that fits your budget, but is above the normal date night you take as a couple.  Making time for your relationship helps keep your family strong and reminds you of who each other are and who you are becoming.  So, go out and look at some evening dresses to wear.  Look up the events in your area for a play, symphony, or off-Broadway show if you aren't near Broadway   Explore something that is outside the family life and completely focused on the couple side of your life.  Check out an upscale restaurant  coffee/tea shop, or martini piano bar after.  Whatever you do, make it different and more of a splurge than your normal date night.  Make a rule not to talk about the kids except for a midway check in and make a minimum complement rule.  Note: compliments can't be given all at the beginning or end, but must be spread out throughout the night.  This way if you find yourself at a lost for words halfway through the night you can use it at a chance for a compliment to be paid to help spur conversation and remind you of the good things outside of the family that your relationship is based on.  We forget that their is life outside the kids sometimes and while taking too much time away from the kids is bad for the family, never taking a moment to focus on the relationship part of the family is bad as well.  It's all about balance.  So, every 3-6 months plan for a big date night and do something new or more of a splurge than you would normally do and work on building positively with each other!

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