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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bride to Be Sash Review

So, getting married is a big deal.  You are making a life long commitment to another person.  You promise to love, cherish, and put that person above yourself for the rest of your days and they do the same to you.  So, why not celebrate it!
Mommy Moments with Abby's Review of the The House of Bachelorette Bride to Be Rhinestone Sash: I'm so excited for my East Coast Wedding!  This time I'll be wearing this sash and having a little party for me and some friends to celebrate.  I like that the Black color goes with anything I'll be wearing so I don't have to worry about clashing my outfit.  It was pre-connected so no tying necessary which can distort the letters of a sash.  Nicely, thick so it says in place better and can actually be read.  I loved the satin feel of the sash and of course my favorite part, the giant BRIDE TO BE!  This way no one will have any doubt what we are celebrating!  Now, to decide where to wear it, should we go to a wine tasting?  What about a day at an amusement park pigging out before the severe dress dieting starts?  Where ever we decide to go, I'll be making sure to wear my bling-ed out sash!  After all, what bride doesn't love to sparkle?  You can get one of your own HERE!


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