This is a fun Pinterest project, plus it helped me find some cool new products!  I thought I'd let you in on this cool giveaway with a prize package that three lucky winners will receive worth more than $350 featuring items from each of the sponsor companies.  Check out my entry board and make one of your own, took me a few minutes and the prize is products worth $350 if you win, worth a few minutes! My Pamper Mom with Natural Products Board is HERE.

Looking at these products made me think of tips on health and cleaning that my mom gave me.  One way to keep fit and clean a floor is with old
socks!  Just squirt some cleaner and water on the floor, slap on some old socks (after you've padded the room of course) and skate you floor clean and your thighs slimmer.  What tip did your mom give you?

Back to the giveaway!

So, Here’s how it works:

Name of Contest is Pamper Mom with Natural Products – Contest will launch on May 10, 2013 and run for the rest of the month.
Direction for giveaway

Go to Hylands Facebook page and click on the Pamper Mom with Natural Products link HERE, follow the instructions (create a pinterest board with products from the participating companies and fill out the form on facebook) and don't forget to
follow the participating companies as a thanks for the contest!   Winners will be chosen based on the most creative and thoughtful Pinterest boards.
The participating companies are:
21 Drops
Better Life