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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 Liter wind sock

It's spring and the wind is blowing!  To help celebrate and have fun with your kids let's make something creative that will help us see the wind when it blows, or at least the movement of the wind when it blows.  Check out how to make a 2 Liter Wind Sock:

2 Liter
Hole Punch

Start by emptying, drying and picking out paint colors. Pour the paint into the 2 liters and start shaking!  You can add more paint as needed.

Open the lids and let dry over night.

Using scissors cut the top and bottom off of the 2 liter.

Cut the middle section into strips, there may be some extra paint in the bottom that is still damp and you can use this to put a second coat on your strips.

Let the strips dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Count your strips and in the top punch holes around the cut area.  In the bottom, use a nail and hammer to punch holes in one side of your strips.  Use the same nail to punch two holes near the top of the 2 Liter lid and 2 holes across from each other in the bottom.

Thread the ribbon through the nail punches near the cut bottom of the lid so the middle of the ribbon is in the hole.  Use a string and thread the bottom to the top.  Now, thread the beads on the ribbon and one strip per ribbon and tie off.  Tie a thread to the thread in the center of the lid that holds the bottom to the top and pull it through the lid nosil.

Now, go hang and watch the wind blow!

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