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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ruby Studio Book and DVD Review

 photo 1292013066_zps3795ead1.jpg I'm not sure there is a kid out there that hasn't had a Super Frustrating Day!  Which means, there isn't a mom out there who hasn't searched for a way to help their kiddo understand that emotion and how to get through it!  Bring in, my latest book and DVD review! 

 photo 1292013067_zps5259d6b1.jpgMommy Moments with Abby Review of Sally Simon Simmon's Super Frustrating Day Book:  Running a daycare means I'm always looking for different ways to introduce, idea's, feelings, and knowledge to kids of all ages.  Feelings can be the hardest to explain sometimes to a young developing mind and so when I find a fun book like this one I get excited.  The story-line was simple, a girl with her mind set on achieving a task runs into obstacles  many of her own creating, that prohibit her from achieving her goal.  After addressing her feelings and the issues, the book re-affirms that acknowledging feelings and working through them can help you achieve your goal.  The illustrations weren't overly complex and perfect for a kids mind.  I think this is a great book for exploring a difficult feeling and think any mom struggling with this should check it out. 
 photo 1292013068_zps1810d799.jpgMommy Moments with Abby's Review of Ruby's Studio's Friendship DVD: 
Looking for a way to back up good behavior and talking about feelings is a must.  So, when I'm getting lunch made I love to put something educational on or some music for the kids to have to focus.  I choose this time to follow up our review and experience with the book to further express to the kids how to behave properly and explore feelings by expressing them.  Ruby's Studio does a great job of offering crafts to try at home as well as different feelings that kids can go through during their day.  It does so without making me feel like I'm watching a colorful expression of a sugar high, which I appreciated.  It offers more of a classroom feel, brought right to your living room.  I really enjoyed this DVD and the kids did as well, plus it provided a great follow up platform to the days lesson on how to express feelings and be a good friend!  
 photo 1292013070_zps02ca2051.jpgYou can check out and order your own DVD and books from
Product Description: "Ruby's Studio:  The Friendship Show" - This time, Ruby's focus is friendship - helping young kids to make and nurture lasting friendships, with fun animated sequences, art projects and original music all geared toward helping kids to resolve conflict, show compassion, and encourage kindness toward their peers.  Renowned parenting expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman, has contributed the pop-up parenting tips.

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