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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Phoenix Symphony Review

 photo 1292013002_zpsa6d78e19.jpg I'm always looking for something fun to do with the kids.  I like to expose them to a vast array of experiences so they can better decide what they like and don't like when they are older.  Luckily for us, the local symphony puts on kids productions.  It was a blast!
I took my daughter for a special mommy daughter date and we got all dressed up, it is the symphony after all, and she made sure to pick out a brownie to have during the show.  We got there a half hour early and they had all sorts of fun activities!  They had an instrument petting zoo where the kids could see and touch the different instruments, a craft (this time it was how to make your own drum), and a quartet playing for the kids to watch up close.
 photo 1292013003_zps6725d726.jpgWe got to our seats just as the instruments were warming up.

 photo 1292013004_zpsded3a6bd.jpgWe had balcony seats and my daughter loved seeing everything so well, plus she thought being up high was fun!
The family show was a great story that introduced the instruments to the kids by a story about a Tuba.

 photo 1292013010_zps1de2627c.jpgWe made it almost the whole show before we had to excuse ourselves for the bathroom.  Her little bladder just couldn't hold it the whole time.  She found the bathroom fun.  When she asked if she could have a couch in her bathroom I told her she'd have to ask her dad!
They had tv's in the lobby so we still could watch the rest of the show.  When it was done she asked me if we could go back in and they could do it again!
 photo 1292013014_zps57cfed18.jpg
After the show, my daughter went up where the quartet has been playing and she pretended to conduct a symphony.  It was a lot of fun.

 photo 1292013021_zpsda0ef637.jpgAs we left we got to meet the conductor and take a picture with one of the cellists in the symphony.  My daughter made sure to ask if she could play it again and was told that they have more shows like this.  My daughter was satisfied with this and asked me if her dad would take her to the next show when we got back, I explained the next show wasn't that same day, but that we would make sure to come back.
If you are looking for when to take your little one to the symphony you can find their even dates HERE, just look under Family on the events page.

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