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Friday, February 15, 2013

Nuby Monster Dishes Review

 photo 1292013044_zpsed508d13.jpg Feeding time in a daycare usually ends up feeling like I'm trying to tame the savage monsters who run themselves and me tired all day long.  I love being able to help get the food they need inside of them with tableware that will help make this time of non-movement fun!
 photo 1292013046_zps7595f322.jpg
Nuby has some great tableware for just these types of little monsters.  They have a great plate that looks just like a monster trying to eat your food!  Sometimes, what a kid needs, is a little incentive to try to eat their food before this monster eats it first!  Can definitely help a kid forget that what's on the plate is good for them!

 photo 1292013047_zps9028b330.jpgI really enjoy the detailing that Nuby puts into their products!  Check out the feet on the plate!

 photo 1292013048_zps9903c5f1.jpg
 photo 1292013049_zps859825ab.jpgThe bowl is just as cool!  The one eye'd monster has feet and a great toddler/preschooler sized bowl that fits nicely next to the Monster gobbling plate!  Now, your little one can giggle as the one eye keeps a watch on their fork work!

To complete the set, you must have utensils to eat with!  After all, they may be little monsters, but they should be monsters with good table manners!  The fork and spoon aren't metal so if they are eating oatmeal you can feel safer giving it to them warm.  I don't know about you, but sometimes if I eat warm oatmeal with a metal spoon the spoon gets too hot and burns my tongue, so I like the plastic one's for my little one's!

I also love how each item is a different type of monster!  This way, my little monsters can have fun with all of their new mealtime monster friends and eating can be fun!

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