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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cake Baked with Love

What better way to have your kid show their siblings, classmates, or other parent they love them than with a 2 layer cake decorated just for them! Let me tell you how we made this cake extra special in the daycare.
 Start by making your favorite cake only instead of pouring it into the large sheet cake, pour it in two circle pans and make sure to spray the pans and sprinkle with flour, before baking.  Once the cakes have cooled make your frosting and use food coloring to get the desired color and add some extra powdered sugar to make the frosting a little thicker than normal.

Use it to connect the two cakes and leave some extra.  Cover the cake in normal frosting.  Using candy, a frosting bag, or whatever else you choose and attach it to the cake making your own designs!  You can decorate the tops and the sides.  Then present your cake full of love!

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