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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Upside Down Santa Hat Card Holder!

 The cards are coming in and you can hang them around the house on string, set them on the mantles, or make something to hold them with the kids!  The kids will love that they get to make something to hold the well wishes and cheer that people send you, plus if anyone visits you can tell them their card is housed in this special kid created holder to be pulled out and re-read for the memories whenever you want!

You need:
Empty milk carton
Red paint
                                         Cotton balls
 Start with an empty milk carton.  Rinse it out really good and cut off the top leaving the handle still attached.  Now, wipe off the inside and dry again.  Now, put on the paint shirts, hand over the brushes and paint the carton red!!!  Let this dry, clean up the kids and have them start unrolling cotton balls.

Once dry, have them dab the length of the cotton ball in glue and starting from the edge of the opening, near the handle, put cotton around the entire opening.  Next, near the top of the handle (closest to the opening), around the handle itself glue one unrolled cotton ball.  Let dry and admire your, upside down Santa Hat Card Holder!!!

Simple, fun, and festive, you don’t have to clutter your mantle with cards anymore!

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