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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stuck Santa!

Decking the halls can be costly and the kids hate having to walk around a store while we decide which ones to get.  Let’s skip the step of leaving the house and make a fun decoration with the kids.  Double bonus, you get the kids entertained and an adorable decoration to deck your halls with!

You need:

Two diaper boxes about the same size
Black paint
Red paint
Black construction paper
Hot glue
Contact paper
Cotton balls
Elmer’s glue

Start by having the kids put on their paint shirts.  Have them paint one box black and another box red. 

Allow this to dry.  Next, pant rectangles on the black box in white and allow drying.  

Glue the red box on top of the black box with hot glue.  

Have the kids glue cotton balls that they have spread slightly apart around the seam of the two boxes.  

Using a zacto-knife decide which is going to be the sides of your final product.  Cut along the sides of the red and along the top of the red portion leaving the part at the seam attached.  

Bend the top in the middle so what was the top of the red is now flat and the portions attached to the top create a triangle.  Tape the flat part/top together and decide where the front of your sculpture is.  Fold and tape the top forward. 

Now, using a zacto-knife cut the flaps to fit inside each side of your triangle and tape together.  

Take black construction paper, wrap the fold over and part of the way down the red section of the box to create your Santa boots.  
Have the kids again attach the cotton balls where the black meets the red.  Cover in contact paper to last longer and then place in your home!  You now have a stuck Santa to show off to your friends.  Make it as large or small as you want to by using different sized boxes.    

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