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Friday, November 16, 2012

Where are you getting the iphone products on your list?

I don't have an iphone, but it seems like everyone I know does, so easy shopping is to nab some supplies for the iphone pack in my life.  The trick is to get something that others wouldn't think of, but once in their hand they would wonder why it isn't on their list.  First issue, find a place to get iphone products from.  Now, I could just go to a store, but they are so over priced, so in my normal deal seeking fashion I head online!
I found an online store for iphone products called  They have all the accessories you could think of so it made it easier to get creative.  Now, what does an iphone using, busy parent with a full time job need for their iphone that they probably haven't thought of but would be glad to have?  Hmmm, why not something like the arm bands or different types of holders or better yet check out their Unique items section!  I perused the large selection of iphone accessories and finally saw something every iphone owner needs and never thinks of.  So, what is my big recommendation to get the iphone user in your life?  Get them an iphone repair kit, this way they can fix their phone quicker and if they have kids this is a large probability! So tell me, what are you getting the iphone user in your life?  

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