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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not the start to the holiday shopping that I had expected!

Can someone explain to me why companies think during these economic times it's a good idea to mess with a mom hunting for a deal? I wasted a trip to Big Lot's yesterday because they had in their add a toy I knew my daughter would love and everywhere else it's $35.99, so in hopes to put a few more items under the tree, I loaded up the kids, settled the dogs and rushed off to grab one before they sold out and the presidential election started at which time I had to have dinner on the table.
I got to the store and went up and down every toy aisle looking for the toy.  I couldn't find it and was afraid that it was already sold out.  So, I asked.  Imagine my surprise when I was directed to an accessory to the toy instead of the On the Go Stylin' Minnie Mouse that was pictured on the advertisement:

What was really on sale was just a Minnie and princess outfit set that goes with the On The Go Stylin' Minnie Mouse Set.  I pointed this out to the employee, even talked to a manager who advised they didn't even have the On The Go Stylin' Minnie Mouse Set, just the outfit set.  So, I wasted gas, time, my daughters now thinking if she is good she will see it under the tree, and a trip to the store for nothing. They did how ever put up a sign telling other shoppers of the issue, which I'm sure other's who leave their houses searching for the deals in the ads will be just as excited about as I was, what is worse is that since the set wasn't even in store the manager and employee's couldn't even stand by the printed add which wasn't their mistake, just one they have to now deal with since all the mom's, aunts, grandma's, kids, and anyone looking for a toy for a little girl while trying to save money and balance their budget will not be pleased, so great job Big Lots!  I hope you are at least giving your store managers a little bonus in their stocking this year for having to deal with this snafu!  The rest of us are left to explain why this won't be under the tree to a little child, or why something else won't be because the price you advertised wasn't for the product you said it was this year.  I normally go to you for good deals but this was a very disappointing experience and way to start off the holiday shopping.  So, if you are reading this and you were planning on shopping for the On The go Stylin' Minnie Mouse the add is wrong and it isn't $10.00 at Big Lots, the Minnie with a princess outfit is what is $10.00 so unless that is on your list don't waste the trip.
Sorry for the rant, but this is not how I hoped to start of my holiday shopping for the kids and now my little mouse is walking around saying, "Miscka-Muska, Mickey Mouse" Yeah looks like I'll still be hunting for this item so she doesn't get let down, she has been very good this year.

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