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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Head-dress full of Thanks!

If you think about thanksgiving you have to remember the kindness offered on that day.  The pilgrims were in need of food and were unprepared for the weather of the season.  The Native Americans offered a feast to them which helped them service.  In memory of that kindness we decided to make head-dress.  Many Native American tribes created headdresses specific to their culture.  The items on the head dress had meaning and gave a message about the person wearing it.  So, I combined the idea of making something special and giving thanks into one!

You need:
Construction paper
Paint or markers
Craft scraps or supplies (buttons, stickers, jewels, beads)
Contact paper

Start by cutting a strip out of the construction paper.

Now have the kids trace their hands over and over again.  Either let them decorate their hands (leaving the back side blank) before cutting out or cut out and have them decorate their hands.  Allow the hands to dry and have them decorate the strip with the scraps that they feel represent themselves and what they feel has value.  They can draw a design, glue on jewels and buttons; create a pattern with stickers and buttons or jewels, whatever they feel represents them.  Allow the strip to dry.

While the strip dries on squares smaller than the palm of their hand things they are thankful for.  Either has them write it or dictate to you why they are thankful and put a square on the back (uncolored side) of the hands.  Staple the hands close to each other on one side of the strip.  Measure around the child’s head and staple the strip to itself so it fits on their head.  It’s ok if it has a bit of a tail, which makes it unique.  Now you have a headdress full of thanks and expression!

In closing, be thankful for your little one and take note of what you’re teaching them to be thankful for by listening to what they tell you to write.  We can always find where we are making a mistake or where we are doing well by listening to what our children tell us!  Give thanks for the minutes with them and have a great Holiday!


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