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Friday, November 2, 2012

Go Learn Something!

The kids are at school, maybe for the first time, and suddenly you find yourself with a few hours to yourself!  It's so exciting at first, you catch up on cleaning or finish a book you started last year or you watch a few shows you DVR'd.  If your a mom like me though you would get everything caught up and find yourself wondering when the next school break is so you can be busy again.  I suggest taking some classes online to keep yourself occupied!  No this isn't the normal online schools advertised everywhere, but some classes more interesting!
Suggestion 1: has a Private Investigator program you can take a few classes in or take the whole thing.  Maybe your kid is becoming a teenager and some of these skills may just come in handing for dealing with any teen mischief!

Suggestion 2: has a class to bring music lovers together!  That's right the class is literally called Listening to Music!  Seriously, what a better excuse to load up the shuffle and talk with others who love music on a regular basis!

Suggestion 3: has a class on Negotiation Essentials!  Learn how to win arguments which may come in handy for the preschool years and negotiating TV control on Friday nights!  Plus, you never know when you may need these skills if you ever decide to go into the work force again or pursue a promotion!

Suggestion 4: has a class on Speed Reading!  Seriously this is a mom's dream, I'm always trying to find ways to finish a book and learning to speed read would definitely make a difference in the time it takes to get those books read!  I love it when I can make spread 5 minutes out to feel longer!

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