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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elmo Review

Last Sunday we got the amazing chance to see one of my kids favorite shows on stage, Elmo!  As we pulled into the parking garage my daughter surprised me by asking if we were going to see the big red dog.  We had seen Clifford at the same Theater about a month ago and she remembered even the parking garage enough to ask!  I told her that he had gone home, but that we were going to see Elmo instead. We got there early and found our seats, the stage was all light up and so were the kids!

We took the kids down for a closer look at the stage.  My son was excited calling for his sister to see the lights!

Naturally, my daughter met with another kid to discuss if Oscar the Grouch is really a grouch or just a realist who has lived in a trash can his whole life and therefore has dealt with the darker days on Sesame Street and tends to be more darkly blunt, but has a good heart and ends up helping his friends when really called upon.  Both sides had valid points and the conversation ended with a, "Goodbye new friend" from my daughter.
The show began!  And the kids loved to see their favorite characters life-sized and on stage right in front of them!
When Elmo came on I think every kid in the place shouted with excitement and every parent found themselves in contortions to make sure that their little ones didn't bum-rush the stage to give this little red monster a huge hug!  I know it took 3 bathroom time outs for my son before he finally understood he couldn't get out of his seat and go up on stage to hug Elmo.  My daughter talked about seeing her friend Elmo for the rest of the week!
The story was of Super Grover losing his powers.  He had to find them and to help him out Telly, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Zoe became superheroes while he found his powers.  They sang songs and took turns saving Sesame Street from the variety of problems it encountered through out the day.  At the same time, they also tried to help Grover get his super back!  In the end lessons of hygiene, healthy eating, and healthy sleep were offered to the kids.  We had a blast and the kids loved the show!  It is always fun to see the kids light up at a show on stage and while it isn't a classical theatrical piece I like to think of these shows as introductions to stage shows for my kids.  As they get older I hope to offer them more chances to watch shows on stage and chances are, if Elmo comes to town again, we will be looking for tickets to go!

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