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Monday, November 5, 2012

Corny Craft

Autumn is here and that means crops the crops are in!  Living in Arizona, growing anything, with a black thumb like mine, means a lot of trips to the local grocery store and local landscaping store.  I found one way that I can grow some crops and entertain the kiddos!  Corn anyone!

You need:

Yellow Paint
Green tissue paper
One egg carton

Start by cutting a strip of connected egg carton domes.  Paint them yellow!  Let them dry.  Cut the green tissue paper into rectangles that are two inches longer and wider than the egg carton strips on all sides.  Once dry; place in the center of the green tissue paper rectangle. Put glue on the sides of the egg carton and press the green tissue paper to each side.  Now gather the tissue paper and twist on each end.  Secure by either tying into a knot or gluing the end.  (You can also use rubber bands but be careful they can break or come off creating a choking issue for young ones) Tada!  You have an ear of corn to decorate your fall festival home! 

In closing, just because you fail at something doesn't mean there isn't another way to succeed! 


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