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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nuby Tickle Toes Turtle Review

Kids, babies, adults, it doesn't matter your age a good laugh for no reason can really make the world look different or at least a little lighter.  My kids are loving turtles right now so laughter from a turtle is perfect for a whiny day!
Nuby sent us Tickle Toes Turtle who is perfect.  A combination of turtles and infections little kid giggles.  It doesn't just come in the turtle it also comes in a duck, bear, monkey, hippo, alligator, rabbit, lion, frog, and a dog.  Now, when I've had a stressed out day I press this little guys toes a few times and can't help but smile.  My daughter even runs and grabs him when her brother is upset and she wants to help him feel better.

I run a daycare and sometimes they get into moods where they all seem to feed on each others frustration  so I call a laughter meeting.  We all stop what we are doing and go to sit in the middle of the room with space between us.  The Tickle Toes Turtle starts. They each get a turn pressing the toes and then after a while we all end up laughing on the floor.  After a while the mood has changed and a much better one has replaced it.

You can grab one for your little ball of laughter or for yourself by clicking HERE.

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