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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Madera Canyon July 13, 2012

We stopped in at the Santa Rita Lodge for a pit stop on our family vacation.  Showing the in-laws the feeders we changed the kids and picked up some souvenirs/snacks/and drinks for the rest of the journey.  We love the Santa Rita Lodge and were happy to share it with the in-laws.  We managed to find a quick second to snap some great shots of the Black Headed Grosbeak one of many birds we ran into on our trip!!
From here we drove south again and took the in-laws to Patton's Place.  Unable to take photo's with the kids and we wanted the in-laws to get a chance to enjoy some of the beautiful birds that you can't see anywhere but in Southern Arizona.  We walked the kids and the dogs down the dirt road which they loved!
Loading up the car again we headed over to Beatty's.  We walked the dogs and kids around the parking area which is full of trees and trails while the in-laws got to experience the rare sighting of the White-Eared Hummingbird along with many other hummingbirds that you can't see anywhere else in the US!
Once, diapers were changed we loaded up and drove around in Ash Canyon to see if we could spot a Lucifer and to show the damage of the fire.  Unfortunately, the Lucifer didn't show.

We headed to the boarder where we stopped for gas and food before heading to the guest house we were renting outside of Portal.

My husband found this adorable guest house big enough for 4 adults, 2 kids, and 3 dogs complete with a pool, a pond for the kids to explore, and a stable for those of you with horses.  We arrived late and the kids loved it running from room to room shrieking with glee.  The dogs loved the open space and that we weren't in the car.  We unloaded the car and the owner stopped in.  He was amazingly pleasant and very accommodating to our needs and my daughter decided he was a new member of the family and started calling him Grandpa which he just laughed at and he answered all her 2 year old questions.  If you are looking for a place to stay I highly recommend it as if we go down for an overnight stay again we will be checking for availability ourselves.
Owner paid, everything unpacked, baths done, and dogs pottied we ended our day in comfort.

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