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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Masks!

Halloween is the perfect time of year for us to explore the scary, gross, beautiful, or just plain alternative side of ourselves.  Our kids get to dress up and pretend they can conquer the world!  Why not have a masquerade party this year for the kids!  Let them dress up!  Let them eat silly foods that resemble gross things!  Let them make their own masks to wear!

You need:

Construction paper
Decorating items (jewels, buttons, ect)
Rubber bands
Contact paper

Start by gauging how big the mask will need to be.  Do this by holding the paper up to the child’s head and measuring from nose to forehead.  Cut a rectangle out of the construction paper at this size.  Next, holding up to the child find where the nose will go and cut a slit that goes far enough up where the nose will fit through.  Holding up to the child find where the eyes will go and poke a hole in those locations. Cut the eye holes out.

Now round or shape the external part of your mask.  Save the biggest left over’s from this and use them to make the nose by cutting triangles.  Bend up both sides of the nose slits at an angle, glue or tape to them the triangles from the scraps.  Tape the other ends of the triangles together to form the nose of the mask.  Now poke a hole about ½ an inch in on either side so that you can put the rubber band through.

Decorate the mask to fit what the child wants to express.  It is fine if the pretty princess wants to make a scary goblin mask!  Halloween is the time for combinations and duality!  Add whatever makes your mask their own, feathers, jewels, buttons, or whatever else ads flare!

Allow the mask to dry.  Thread the rubber bands through; you may have to connect a few to get it big enough to go around the head.   To keep pieces from falling off during play use contact paper to cover the mask if you wish.  Now put on the mask and pretend you are someone or something else!  Best part the masks are a great take home party gift!

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