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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holy Trinity Monastery David, AZ April 9 2012 Day 3

From the San Pedro House we headed to the Holy Trinity Monastery in David, AZ.  When we first pulled in we were greeted by an unusual, but amazing sight.  Male Peacocks were wondering about!
They were everywhere, calling out loudly like trumpets sounding whenever anyone was near, and begging for a taste morsel out of your hand.

I couldn't help but wonder at the size, weight, and defense abilities they had due to their brilliantly colored tails?

They seemed to care less about what we were doing once it was determined there was no food to be had.
They just walked about looking for someone new to investigate.  I did notice that I didn't see one female in the entire area.

While we were there for the birds, there are a lot of other beautiful sights to see here.  This mother statue was beautiful to me and had me missing my little ones at home.

A pond held a turtle who was enjoying the day and staying cool in the water.

A giant Cross near the entrance was a magnificent sight.  (enhanced more by the hubby)

The cross is gated by these fierce Lions.

We headed over to the bird walk area and as we walked around caught sight of a House Wren.
He had a friend the Lucy's Warbler jumping in the tree's not far from him.
Where their is the last street sign we headed down that street with some form of a meadow just past a line of trees to our left.  We heard and saw a commotion in a group of trees just up from hear where some birds seem to be attacking either a hawk or an owl of some form.  We had hoped for a better look, but they drove him off by the time we got into a place where we might ID or photograph him.  In this grove we did get to see a Northern Beardless Tyrannulet.
He is a little guy and can be hard to see or get in focus because he is flighty and small.
Luckily, we nabbed a few good shots of him!
Then, he got wary of us.
After giving us one last look, he darted off.
The Summer Tanager's appeared to be the birds that had driven off the owl or hawk.  There were around 3 or 4 males in the area.
All checked us out and yelled their disapproval at us.  So, after snapping a few shots we headed out of the tree cluster and back to the main road.
At the corner of the main road we caught sight of a group of Western Kingbirds.
They seemed to be playing with one another so we watched for a moment before heading back to the car and onto the next location.

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