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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Touch N Brush Review and Giveaway!

Your kids are learning new things everyday and love to do them on their own.  While it's amazing to watch, it's not so amazing to clean up after sometimes.  I looked at this review in how it may help cut down on some cleaning for me, but giving my kids the do it your self ability!
Mommy Moments with Abby Review:  I received the Touch'n Brush and first noticed it came with an awesome electric toothbrush!  I love bonus's!  Next, I noticed the ease of installment.

Just attach the suction cups, push into the place of choice ( suggest mirror near the edge of the counter for little brushers)            plop in the tooth paste and you are set!

Now, just show your little brusher how to push in their toothbrush for the right amount needed and no I squished the toothpaste mess clean up for you!  It was so easy that the kids can do it on their own giving you a few more minutes to just watch your little one's grow and learn.  As a mom anything that can give me those moments back without the clean up is a blessing and worth the one time cost, plus it works with the toothpaste of my choice.  If you have a beginner brusher or just a sloppy spouse grab one for your house and save yourself the counter clean up by clicking on this to get yourself a Touch'N Brush!
You can also enter to win our Giveaway going from June 27 to July 18, 2012.
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  1. I never heard of the touch and brush before, what a neat idea! The biggest problem when kids start to brush on their own is how much toothpaste they squeeze out - it seems to get everywhere from the bathroom floor to their hair.

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