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Monday, June 11, 2012

Stories that Come Alive through Yoga! Book Review

Do you like yoga or wish you can do it at home with your kids.  You can with a little product help.  I needed some fresh ideas to keep our little yogi's on the mat. So, I asked Renee Sherkness for her help and she sent me her awesome book. Check it out:

Renee Sherkness specializes in Children yoga, but is certified to teach all types of yoga.  She loves working with kids and even wrote a book about it!  I asked her for help because she has been working with kids yoga for years and never seems to run out of inspiration proven by her three books: The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint the House, Winston the Whale and The Blanket of Darkness, and Stories the Come Alive Through Yoga.

She sent me her book Stories that Come Alive Through Yoga.  She offers in this book not just stories to put yoga poses too, but tells you instructions on how to get into each yoga pose.  It makes it easier to follow the flow of the stories.  In each story the name of the pose to do is shown in parenthesis.  The pose instructions are at the beginning story, so you know how to do each pose as they come up and you can see the story come to life.
The stories are kid friendly with topics like Deanna the Dancer and Sammy the Snake there is a topic for all ages and all interests,when you run a daycare this is a must!!!!!  If you are looking for ways to work out with your kids, need idea's for your kid's yoga class or ways to help center your class in general, or you are looking for easy flows for yourself contact Renee Sherkness at her website  or order her book linked below!  She will be traveling for a Yoga workshop to Atlanta Georgia for the National Association for Family child Care In July so if your in the area sign up to go! Her books have been endorsed by the President of this organization of educators as resource books for educators and parents, so I count myself lucky to be able to use a book from a knowledgeable mind.
Special Thanks to Renee Sherkness for helping out another yogi when she got inspirationally stuck!  Namaste!

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