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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sportline Cardio Coded Heart Rate Monitor Review

Mom's chances are you are stressed, haven't always eaten the best (admit it grabbing fries between kid events has happened), and still trying to keep in shape.  Your heart is stressed and you need to keep track of it not only to achieve better weight loss during your work out, but to make sure that you aren't having issues from the stresses of being an Octo-mom(term coined by a co-student in a yoga teacher training class I took in reference to the balancing mom's do).  Let's check out the SportLine Cardio Coded Heart Rate Monitor:
I love that this wears like a watch and fits well with the sports bra for easy use when you are working out and when you are running around town.  It is light weight, non-bulky, and a great way to achieve that target heart rate for optimal weight-loss and fitness achievements.  Unless you are wearing a skin tight top this fits well under most mom tops.  I love the calorie counter for easy tracking of the hard work I've done (having a goal of getting that morning mocha the next morning can lead to an addiction of this function).
Now, on a serious note: Ladies, we are at risk for hypertension and other heart diseases more then the men in our lives.  Often we will ignore symptoms and pass them off as heart burn or acid re-flux when they could be more serious.  Not only is this great for working out, but as mom's we should be checking on ourselves from time to time.  This isn't a recommended use, just one I came up with on my own, when you are feeling anxious and like your heart is racing strap this on and find out if it really is racing.  Sometimes, just seeing that your heart rate is normal or not at an exercise level can help add the calm you need during those moments of anxiety and being able to calm down during stress is one of the biggest gifts you can give your heart.
This is a perfect mom product because you can really gauge how much you are working your heart and how many calories you are actually burning in your day.  It may help you figure out how much exercise you need to add or what area's in your day are burning you the most calories so you can increase them for better Mommy Fitness!  Check out this awesome product and if you want to try it for yourself you can find it here:

Product Information: The Sportline Cardio 630 provides continuous heart rate monitoring and features heart rate tracking, calorie & fat burn tracking, a customizable user profile, a coded chest strap to eliminate interference, and easy set up and use with a dedicated heart rate button. The Sportline Cardio 630 ($49.99) is available at retail accounts including Sports Authority, Academy, Meijer, Hibbett Sports, Kmart, Sport Chalet, and Fred Meyer.
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