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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Riparian Area 6 11, 2012

It is so nice to have a place in the suburbs where you can get off the beaten path and onto a gravel/dirt one!  We love heading to the Riparian Area for a minutes from home adventure.  We loaded the car, kids, and dogs and headed into the morning heat.
We got out a little late in the morning, so many of the birds were already hunkered down for the heat.  We saw the usual suspects, the Ducks and doves.  I didn't expect anything exciting for this trip due to the time of year and day.  So, I enjoyed my daughters excitement in her favorite birds, the ducks and geese.

We were on one of the middle trails when the hubby pointed at something.  It was something we had only seen once before and it was so skittish we didn't get a photo of it.  It was a Green Heron!

For this area Green Heron's are fairly rare and getting a second confirmed sighting of him was exciting.  Even more exciting was that I actually got a photo of this very flighty bird!  Not only that, I got a photo while he was fishing!

Recovering from that bit of excitement we continued on with our stroll, the kids in the double stroller with hats, shades, and stroller umbrella's pulled, plus the nice cool sippy's and snacks makes for a fun kid outing while mom and dad sweat it out.

We headed back toward the car and caught sight of a Black-necked Stilt doing some sort of crazy little dance.

He had my daughter cracking up and waving at him over his little dance.

Finally, the cactus means we are nearing the parking lot.

But had one last fun bird picture to take when this Thrasher decided to try his luck at eating one of the flowering fruit!

I love going to the Riparian Area, but as the days heat up, our trips here may decrease sadly, but they will definitely pick up again when the temp starts to cool!  And with the cooler temps will come the winter birds, making for new adventures in birding for me and my kids!

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