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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Over Exposed!

When I had my second child my daycare was full, I needed a way to be able to breast feed and not be exposed to the kids in my care.  It may be a natural act, but when your teaching children modesty can be counter productive.  Issue: I was stuck sitting in a corner to prevent exposure of my back and sides.  I went in search of different cover styles.  Here are the nursing style options I found for all lifestyles of mom's out there:

1: The Full Coverage Feeder-  This is a great daycare provider cover, business owner/store owner, or mom of more than one with lots of kid events to go to nursing cover.  

2: The Feeder FRONT Frock:  The classic nursing cover style. This is great for if your office has a nursing station, a private office with a high backed chair in case someone enters unannounced, at home wit visitors, or on a plane.  
3: The Breastfeeding BOGO (Both a Full Coverage & FRONT Cover Feeder):  This is best if you are travelling and do not know what situation you will be in.  Often a mom will not know if a high back chair will be available, that said if you have to wear a large coat you only need that front coverage.  One cover for all situations is easiest to pack.  
4: The Nouveau Nursing Cover: I love this style for when you have somewhere nicer to go or when your little nurser becomes a big wiggly nurser and your body starts changing again.   

5: The Romper Top Nursing Cover:
This style is nice for when it's hot outside or if your baby hates to be covered when nursing but you have to nurse in public needing that coverage.  Sometimes it's not the situation that needs a different style of feeder, but the babies needs that require a different feeder style.  

Find a cover that best fits your lifestyle and don't be over exposed!  

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  1. Love it!! I especially like that you pointed out the babies needs influencing the type of cover you need. Thanks so much for this!


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