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Friday, June 1, 2012

NurtiVeris 4 weeks-Final Review and Giveaway

After 4 weeks of using NutriVerus I'm ready to tell you my thoughts on if this works or not.  If you are interested in my opinion of the Glyconutrient go ahead and read on.  Don't forget to enter to win a 1 month supply of your own!
First some facts on NutriVerus: NutriVerus is more than 'a glyconutrient', but it is a multi-nutritional complex of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from real food, as well as glyconutrients (more than one) and in a base of stabilized rice bran which includes phytosterols, essential fatty acids, etc.   

So, I have found that this will definitely make you more regular. Consider this, you should be going any where from 3 times a day to 3 times a week, but most sights I found seemed to indicate a daily occurring.  How often do you go?  It explains why I was having so many issues on the front end and why I still go more than I used to go.  If you are eating right and getting all you need than you will find that your systems, including digestive, work more efficiently or as they should in some cases.  I would guess this has the effect it does because it is straight from vegetables and not just the juice like many things that claim to be from vegetables are these days.  As a mom, I would rather have something natural for my body and my child's than something completely synthetic.  

I still have a more awake feeling and the taste, while never bad, has disappeared after a months use for me.  I would say whatever vitamins and other nutrient supplements are supposed to do, these seem to keep my body regular and my mind more aware after a month of use which is very different than the supplements and one a days I've taken in the past.     

If you wish to find out more you can check out this Nutriverus Technical Sheet.  If you want to try this product for yourself you can go to and place your order or enter to win out contest going on from June 1 through June 14, 2012.
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