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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jafra Cosmetics Review

 I don't know about you, but being a mom for me does a number on my skin and I'm always having to find something that will cover the smell of baby spit-up and whatever else a day as a mom threw at me.  Mix with that the desire to retain that woman my husband met and fell for and make-up/perfume/cosmetic products are a huge part of my life.  I accepted the chance to test some of those products recently from Jafra.  Let's see what I thought:
Mommy Moments with Abby Review:

Ah, the mud mask, is there any other go to home away from spa tool a mom uses for a little facial pick me up?  If you haven't notice by now, I tend to smell a lot of products I test so let's start there.  This has a minty scent with a touch of nutty candy-bar to it.  I loved that the mint eased into my nostrils instead of bombarding them.
It is grainy which seemed to create a little warmth as I massaged it into my skin, but that could have just been me.  It didn't cause any reactions or feel like it was tightening too hard onto my skin as I allowed it to do it's job and soak in.  Ah, the mud mask.

Onto the Lip Polish, now I'm a firm believer that unless there is an emergency there is always time for mascara and lip gloss/polish/stick.  Every mom should try to apply both each day to help themselves feel ready for the day as many of us used to have a full makeup routine before kids and these steps take a few seconds allowing us to regain some of that pre-kid have it together feeling.  Plus, it forces us to not completely let ourselves go and our husbands will appreciate that!

So, Jafra's Lip polish in the color Secret is perfect for my skin.  It is colorful enough that I don't look like I'm washed out, dying, my lips are disappearing into my skin, or that I'm in an unnatural state.  It isn't however overwhelmingly colorful so I look like I'm going to compete in a cheer competition, act on stage, or walk a street.

It gave my lips a nice natural just eaten berry color and a bit of a shine.  It lasted for a few hours which is awesome when you're walking the mom beat!  It was thicker than some of the other lip polishes I've used which made application easier and quicker, plus probably helped the color last longer.

The Scent Vesen is a nicely clean scent.  It reminds me of a scent I smelled once at a Clinique counter.  It has a slight floral hint to it and I feel is perfect for date night with the hubby or a dinner to yourself all dolled up enjoying some people watching and your uninterrupted thoughts.
For me this wouldn't be an everyday scent since it seems to require the LBJ in my mind!

The Scent Reflections is also very clean and not overwhelming, but just enough to please the nose.    It has a fruit hint to it, but nothing specific stood out which shows me it was well blended when created.  This is a cheery scent perfect for everyday, spit up/diaper change, smells of being a mom cover up and pick me up!  This is the everyday scent that makes a mom like me glad to have it on hand with the odd sudden urge to don heels and pearls to go with my messy ponytail and jeans.

Jafra products are great for the mom looking for something better than the normal over the counter makeup without the potential huge price tag.  I give this make-up a full facial rating!  To get your own you can go here to order: Jafra Representative Michelle Lee. Or enter to win our giveaway going on from 6/7/2012 to 6/21/2012 below!

Now, I'm going to grab 5 min with a mud mask!
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  1. I'd love to try the Nail Lacquer - Sparkling Moon*.

    1. It's awesome! My daughters and I love the shine, it's like bling for your nails!

  2. Royal Jelly. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  3. I like :Hydration/Calming Mask Karrie Smith

  4. JAFRA Body Care.Thanks so much.
    Theresa Ann email


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