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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dad's who Rock for Kids! Music Review and Giveaway!

Father's Day is coming up and in our house the DJ is Dad!  It seems perfect to review some CD's of Dad's who also Rock for their Kids!  Plus, get the chance to enter this awesome 4 pack of Rocking Dad CD's and Rock out this Father's Day!!!

 * Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band -  A Potluck – Los Angeles based Lucky Diaz and his family band offer a new batch of sweet, fun and bright pop songs, all mixed up like a family block party.  - Listening page:   (released on May 8)

A pop sounding CD with fun learning songs perfect for the backdrop of a transitioning toddler to kindergartner!  The kids liked the beats of these songs and the older 5 year old who is preparing for Kindergarten picked up on some of the messages in the songs.  The 3 year old was totally rocking out to the song "On my Bike" as they just got their first bike this year and the song has a catchy "Thing about you" kind of beat!

* Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Make Believers – "The King of Kid Hop" presents gutsy, imaginative and positive hip hop songs for elementary aged kids:
(let me know, I can send you the secret press download button) -  (released on May 22) 
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A modern hip hop sound with a little early nineties sound that I feel has a bit of a seventies flare tacked on makes for some great dance beats, especially when you are my dancing fool 1 year old son who has a bit of a 70's flare at times too!  His favorite song seems to be Gotta Be You about being your own best friend which inspires kids to be alright with who they are on the inside.  They also have some salsa sounding songs which are a great way for mom to get a workout in while dancing with the kids. 

Sugar Free Allstars – All on a Sunday Afternoon – This is a warm collection of funky new tunes from a nationally acclaimed Oklahoma City duo. –   (release date is June 12) – Listening link;
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A very funky sound to this CD!  I literally wanted to be sporting a giant Afro while listening to this CD so get ready to feel the funk coming out of these songs.  All of the kid's favorite song was the Hiccup (Sunday Afternoon) song.  They each a good amount of time after this CD was over walking around "hiccuping"!  This came with the added bonus of a live concert DVD!  The kids loved seeing the songs performed on the TV and my only complaint is that I had a lot of requests for the disco balls and glow sticks the kids in the DVD had! Guess everyone was wanting to dance funky that day!  

 * Dog on Fleas - Invisible Friends - A hip, vintage-sounding band from the Hudson River Valley presents brassy, vintage and groovy dance music with smart lyrics: (released on April 24)
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This is classic kids music with band sounds and a definite beat!  The songs are very silly and my 2 year old was all about the "Band in my head" song.  It is a bouncy song with some flow-y parts perfect for my tiny dancer.  The kids also love the Party song and bounced around getting a ton of that kid energy out while we had our own dance party!  The kids thought the "Smelt" song was hilarious, I wasn't as excited about a song talking about the smell of a smelt being like the one you dealt, but what is a mom to do, for kids dealing "Smelts" is funny.

All in all I love this music package!  I give it a full 8 counts of fun!  You can visit the sites listed above for each CD to order your own or enter to get all 4 for the Dad that Rocks going on 6/7/2012 to 6/14/2012!
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  1. Music is so good for a household and we would love to add these too our collection! :)



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