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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cedars Review

I love food.  I may not be your typical foodie, but I'm the mom version.  I enjoy new tastes and recently have been exploring more mediterreanean types of food.  I was asked to review a few things from Cedar's All Natural Foods and here is what I thought:
                                                         Mommy Moments with Abby Review:
I love chickpea's so I had to start with the Chick Pea Salad.  This would be perfect next to an open face sandwich or pita.  It had a spicy taste to it that blended well with the oils used to mix it.  I loved the blending of oils, chickpeas, carrots, edameme beans, cranberries, and peppers. It reminded me of food we tried at Basant Mela I would eat this at lunch which usually has a lighter meat or main dish and this makes for the perfect complement. 

The Black Bean Salad has a lighter taste.  I would eat this to complement a steak or heavier main dish.  It was light enough to give to the kids who ate the beans.  It is a marriage of different beans, oils, peppers, and onions. A filot mignon, glass of red, and this and you have an amazing meal for an impromtu date night with the hubby!

When I saw these next two products I couldn't help but make up a little recipe using them both.  I'll put it at the end of the review.  I took one bit of this and it tasted just like the yogurt dip from our favorite Arabic restaurant, slight almost dill accent to the yogurt and cucumber with a touch of garlic!  Perfection!  Turns out they make it over on the Greek Island of Lesvos.  That explains why it tastes so much like the stuff from our favorite restaurant.  

I love hummus.  Plain is great for babies, flavored for everyone else and tastes amazing on burgers or wheat thins!  The blend of Roasted Red Pepper and the taste of hummus creates an amazing addition to any sandwich or snack cracker.  

Speaking of snack, is there anything better in the summer than Salsa, Chips, and Sweet Tea? The Medium Salsa has a slight bite to it, but nothing over-powering.  It is great for those who love salsa as it's full of vegetables blended together to the point where I couldn't pick out just one flavor!  I love it when things are well blended!

I absolutely love these products!  Not only are they amazing in taste, but they are natural and healthy.  Just don't tell your taste-buds they are healthy and they won't ever know!  Grab some of your own at your local Whole Foods or visit:
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Here are Abby's Gyro's inspired by these Cedar's Products!

I took some steak (use lamb for authentic taste if you can) and I defrosted it, chopped it and pan fried it using minced garlic and water.  Once cooked through I put in about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and allowed it to sear in the taste stirring constantly for about 5 minutes.  I used some pita loaf and spread the Cedar's Greek Strained Yogurt dip on it.  Tear some lettuce, slice some tomatoes, and put two table spoons of Cedar's Red Pepper Hummus on the center of your pita loaf.  Add the cooked meat and roll for an amazing Gyro!  This was so good, I had it for lunch the next day!

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