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Monday, June 11, 2012

Boyce Thompson and the Varied Bunting!

 On June 9 2012, the hubby and I got up early and walked the dogs.  Then, we headed out because we hear there was a Varied Bunting and wanted to see it.  We ran into Paul the bird expert of Boyce Thompson and he let us know where they were sighted!  We were off on out quest!

We caught sight of a House Finch as we headed to the Demonstration Garden.

Then, we caught sight of a Adult Male Hooded Oriole.  I was excited to get a second sighting of the Hooded Oriole as it's great to confirm what you saw in a past visit.

As we walked past a tree full of Bell's Vireo's my husband heard a song he had studied before we headed out.  So, when we rounded the corner he caught sight of what we came to see, the Varied Bunting.  The photo's aren't the best, but in the binoculars you could see the color variation.

 We grabbed a few shots of the Varied Bunting before he took off.

Last shot, before he flew away!

Right, after he flew the Ash-Throat-ed Flycatcher landed in a tree right next to the one he had been in!

 As we started back on the path we noted a Female Cardinal on her nest.  I never get tired of see Cardinals!

 We headed to the Eucalyptus Forest to check out the second sighting place of the Varied Bunting hoping for a second sighting.  On the way we caught sight of a Summer Tanager.

We never got another sighting of the Varied Bunting, but we got to see a lot of Cardinals, a lot of Hummingbirds, potentially a Indigo Bunting or Blue Grosbeak that flew in our path but we didn't get enough of a look to tell which, a Vermilion Flycatcher, Yellow Warbler's, and as seen to the  left a Yellow Breasted Chat.

The kids loved looking at the butterflies, lizards, birds, and other people!  My daughter wanted to chase every lizard she saw!

Another great time with the family and awesome bird sightings at Boyce Thompson!

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