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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Treating those Ear Infections and Swimmers Ear

Okay Moms, it's time we gear up for pool season and the potential ear infection or swimmers ear. I have 2 little one's under 3 so finding a remedy that is safe for them is amazingly important. I managed to find two treatments for ear infections and one can also be used to help prevent swimmers ear in little ones under 3. They aren't 100% cures, but will help in the long run. Remember, I'm not a doctor,just a mom so consult a doctor before using these as I don't know your children or their bodies. I'm just offering these to you as something to ask your doctor about since they seem to help my kids.

 Recipe 1: Do not put straight peroxide in your little one's ear as it's still developing, you can however dilute it in a half and half solution with water. Once you mix this, you will want a q-tip near by and a towel or napkin. Lay the child on their side and slowly poor in the solution. Us the q-tip to get out any wax that bubbles to the top, do not put it in the ear itself!!!!!!!!! Wipe away excess with a towel and do the other ear. I did find one concern with using peroxide that was too warm or cold and having it affect equilibrium so room temperature only. The only other concern I found was if the ear is very clogged and a large ball of wax is stuck in the ear with the peroxide getting trapped behind as it bubbles and expands so again consult a doctor first.

 Recipe 2: This is my potential swimmers ear prevention as well. It's an old remedy your mother may have recommended to you. Use half straight vinegar(not wine vinegar or other variations) and half iso-propyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol). Mix this then using a q-tip dipped in the solution, squeeze it into the ear. Rub the Q-tip around the external part of the ear near the opening to remove any wax there. Tilt the head so the solution comes out of the ear catching with a towel and do this with the other ear. Try doing this before swimming as an added protection. Caution when putting any alcohol in a child's body as it kills bacteria good and bad, so consult a doctor first.

 Hopefully after making sure these are safe with your doctor these will help you have a better swimming season with your little ones!

 What are your ear infection treatments? Comment below!

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