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Monday, May 14, 2012

Juppy Review

Mommy Moments with Abby Review: I was lucky enough to win a great prize and am now telling you what I think!  I run a daycare and have a 1 year old of my own.  He is up and walking/running, but hasn't mastered the non-smooth surfaces yet.  Rocks, they are the enemy!  How many of you have that problem?  Your little one finally starts walking but change the surface and it's spill city?  Well, I got my prize in the mail and set to testing it out!

The Juppy, lets start by learning about this product:

So I got mine and pulled it out.  It seemed simple enough, unzip, load baby, re-zip, make sure straps are short so my arms are straight and start walking.  Ok, it was that simple except my little squirmier wanted to go, but that is a mommy issue not a product issue.  Literally, it took just a few seconds to get going with this product.  I tested it on the normally flooring and then we headed out to the area I really needed it for.  The rocks!

It worked awesome!  My back wasn't killing me so we could walk longer and when he became unsteady and started to fall he never hit the ground and could easily get back up and go saving us the re-balance and potential injury that I worry about.  Plus, he still learns how to walk on rough surfaces since he can still feel the unbalance coming, it's the actual fall that he is saved from.

I could let go of the straps and let him just walk with it on and re-grab it as needed, probably won't work this way for most of you I have a really big boy on my hands so I don't suggest doing that.  It was comfortable for me and him and other then putting it on I'm not sure he noticed it was their, plus as I learned when we had to go inside it is great for tantrum catching!  Ever the outdoor child he wasn't pleased when we started to head for the door and threw a fit, but the Juppy was in my hands and he never hit the ground and I could still maneuver him toward the door without worrying about having to hold on to an arm or just pick him up.  I love this product!  I give it 5 out of 5 baby steps!

If you like this product or are interested in following and obtaining one of your own you can use these sites or enter to win the B's of Baby Giveaway going on from May 9 to June 6, 2012:

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