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Monday, May 21, 2012

How to be a smart shopper for your graduate!

It's graduation season and this means moms will be shopping in full force!  Not only are you preparing for  your child to either change grades or make the switch to college, but chances are your friends and your kids friends will be having graduation parties as well.  The economy being what it is we must be frugal and smart in our shopping without scrimping on the necessities for our graduates.  How do we do that?  Let me offer this suggestion, use a promo code.

If you are looking to stock a dorm room for your high school grade, first visit an online coupon site and see if a store has a promotion going on.  I have often found that not all the promotions going on online at these sites can be found in the store and I can save more by using these online tools.  If you are grabbing a new summer outfit or game for a grade change graduate just type in their favorite store name and see what codes you can find.  Not only do you save money but by visiting these sites first you will narrow down where you shop and save the trouble of going to a busy store.  Remember often online shopping will wrap for you!  You can still get amazing products but save enough cash to avoid breaking your bank this graduation season!  Let me know what deals you find online by commenting below!  I do love a great deal!

Example of how you can save: I found on a 10% off code for Anna's Linens plus free shipping on orders of 100 dollars which means while you are spending probably over 100 on the towels, rugs, curtains, bedding(X-Long sheets at least 2 full sets, comforter, pillows, and decorative pillows) a stash of cups, small stash of plates, silverware, and bowls for the times that a cold or flu keeps your grad out of the cafeteria, and other dorm necessities you can get them shipped to you free plus saving the 10%.  Saving on shipping is my favorite because then I'm saving even more by shopping online since I didn't use any gas to get what I needed, BONUS!

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