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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eco Fruit Tote, $90 Value ~ Review and Giveaway ~

Eco Fruit Tote, $90 Value ~ Review and Giveaway ~

We are lucky to have a blog friend who doesn't mind sharing her food....Giveaways and Reviews that is!  I love fruite and dried fruit is perfect for those car stash snacks, hikes, or afterschool events!  So let's see what Building Carpenters has to say about Eco Fruit Tote
Eco Fruite Tote Published by Brandilyn under foodgiveawayReview.
I am luckily in that my kids LOVE fruit.  Seriously, they love it.  They will throw fits until I give them yet ANOTHER piece/slice of watermelon, apple, pear, banana… you get the idea.  They love it fresh, but the also love it dried.  TheBella Viva Eco Fruit Tote contains over 7.5 lbs of dried fruit and 2 pounds of nuts (almonds and cashews).  The nuts were my favorite part, but the kids went wild over the dried fruits.  The dried Pears didn’t last the night.
Three of the Selections are SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) Free.  SO2 is a common preservative used in traditional dried fruits.  Bella Viva Orchards has a large selection of SO2-free dried fruits if you are so inclined.    Though this collection doesn’t contain them, Bella Viva Orchards also offers a wide selection of Organic and Chocolate covered fruits and nuts.  They are available individually or in a selection of Gift Baskets.
The over 9..5lbs of fruits and nuts in the tote includes:
1 lb Dried Yellow Peaches
1 lb Red Flame Seedless Raisins
1 lb Cashews
1 lb Dried Betty Ann Plums
1 lb Almonds
1 lb Dried Slab Apricots
1 lb Dried Pitted Prunes
1 lb Dried Pears
12 oz Natural Dried Blueberries No SO2
8 oz Natural Dried Yellow Peaches No SO2
8 oz Natural Dried Persimmons No SO2:
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  1. Organic Dried Strawberries.

  2. The Dried Peaches look delicious

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