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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Chapel Chronicles guest review and giveaway

Mommy Moments with Abby is excited to offer you another great guest book review and contest!  This is exciting for me because the review is for a 14 year old author. Check out what Powered by Mom has to say about this and enter to win!!!

Powered by Mom Brings Presents:

The Chapel Chronicles

Do you have a child who loves to read and loves comics too?
Want them to read something they'll enjoy but you don't have to censor?
Well then the Chapel Chronicles are both of you! My tween and I love Chapel!
The Chapel Chronicles follow the adventures of an 11 year old girl named Chapel Smith. It's an entertaining tween tale authored by a very talented 14 year old Emma T. Capps. Read on to find out more about this quirky and funny character Chapel and her amazing creator.

Powered by Mom's Review

I have to confess that my review of the Chapel Chronicles was not the first time I had read this entertaining comic. I had won a Chapel's Chronicles giveaway myself and let me tell you my daughter was amazed and love the prize package that we received. We received the magazine size copy of the Chapel Chronicles, Volume One along with buttons, a poster, post-cards, greeting cards, key chains and more! My daughter was seriously ecstatic about this prize package. She read the magazine within the first hour of us opening the package. I could hear her giggling as she was reading it and talking aloud to herself. She really seemed to relate to it and no wonder since as I mentioned the author Emma is only 14 year's old herself and who better to relate to my tween but a teen-ager writing about a tween comic character?! My daughter has since shared her magazine with her friends and has read it over several times and seems to enjoy it each and every time. To give you a glimpse of this whimsy tale here is excerpt from Volume I. The character Chapel is funny, creative, moody and well a lot like many tweens I know. Emma does a wonderful job engaging her readers if myself, my daughter and her friends are any indication. It's a treat for me as a parent to know they're reading a comic that I don't have to worry about looking over first as there are many comics and graphic novels out there that catch the interest of children but are not really meant for them to read. The prize pack is amazing here's what will be included: The Chapel Chronicles Collectibles Spring Giveaway. Designed by Emma T Capps, 15 year-old award-winning artist, author, and cartoonist. This giveaway includes a copy of The Chapel Chronicles, Volume One, a 44 page all-ages comic book (hand-drawn and in color) consisting of the first 31 four-panel comic strips in the webcomic series entitled The Chapel Chronicles at . In addition, 10 Thank You postcards, 10 Happy Easter postcards, 5 Secret Garden Cards (4” by 6”), a “Springtime always comes” card, and a Happy Father’s Day card. You can see all of these items at : $50 There will be 2 prize packs given away (they may not be identical) as I have one and Mommy and Baby Reviews is also giving one away. Now it's time to enter the giveaway! Use the raffelcopter below. Please only do the entries you are willing to follow through on as the winning entry will be verified. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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