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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Super Blake and the Cavity Monster Review and Kindle Fire Giveaway

Your kid turns one and you start thinking about all sorts of things.  Food is a huge part of a parents everyday concerns,  what to feed them, what is safe, what will they eat, what won't they eat, how can I keep the food healthy, etc.  We think so much on what we are letting them put in their mouths sometimes we forget about their mouths themselves.  By the age 2 your child will have or  be getting their first dental appointment and as soon as the pop that tooth you should be brushing it.  So, why aren't we spending more time talking and teaching about our mouths?  I found a great book that helps us parents out!

Check out Super Blake!

Mommy Moments with Abby's Review:

Super Blake and the Cavity Monster is a book that helps you explain the dangers of not brushing with your child.  It has fun pictures of the "persona's" of different diseases to give your child a visual image of what they are brushing away when they use that toothbrush!  Though, I felt they spent more time up front with creating the Super Blake character then I would have.  Personally, I would have put that in a separate book.  All in all it is a great story of how one kid, your kid, can have the power to fight off something evil or bad with one simple action!  To help teach the kids you can find bookmarks, coloring pages, and a certificate for the best brusher in your house on their website:  All in all I give this book 17 out of 20 teeth (kids teeth not adult teeth before you correct my number), loosing a few due to my personal opinion an introductory book could have reduced the character building pages in this book.  This is still a great book with great tools for your little brusher!

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  1. What a cute way to teach the little ones good brushing habits!!

  2. I like the cavity monster coloring page!

  3. I am with Jenna! It has to be the cavity monster coloring page. It's a great book for teaching~ Tyra Young

  4. Danielle WilliamsMay 2, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    I like the cavity monster it is SO cute!!!


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