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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painting the world with toddlers

We have a lot that we do during the day, diapers, dancing, yoga, numbers, alphabet, language, eating, reading, playing outside, craft, and a bunch of little things throughout the day.  Sometimes we need to see the beauty in the world around us and slow down.  Other times we need to add a little something too it!

I stopped at the Dollar Tree the other night and happened upon some sidewalk paint.  Why not, it says it comes off with water and the kids would love it.  So, I spent the three bucks for three colors and went for it.

I set the paint with a brush for each kid out and told them to only paint the side walk.  They went nuts!

They loved making their creations, images straight out of their heads!  They laughed and concentrated and talked about their images and decided among-st themselves to try to pain the whole concrete area.  We didn't have enough paint but the kids sure did love trying!

Now, my backyard is a little more beautiful with some paint by toddlers!

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