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Sunday, April 22, 2012

In my shoes

When you become a mom you realize you will be a primary mold in every aspect of their life.  You know that you will do everything you can to make sure that you offer them the best chances for success in life. I find it funny how then a little moment that we think to ourselves, how cute ends up reminding us of our responsibility as parents.  

The other night my daughter and son were playing in the closet when they decided to start putting on our shoes.  My daughter has always loved shoes and some days we change her shoes 3 times depending on her shoe mood.  She loves to pick out my shoes even if I can't really wear the heels on a hike, that she is trying to help is fun to watch.  So, when she started putting on my shoes and walking around other than thinking wow she is really good at that, I realized that I'm literally raising this little girl to grow up to fill my shoes, both literally and figuratively.  

Time to re-evaluate who I am to make sure they are shoes I want my daughter to wear.  Time to figure out what I bring to the table to decide what I want her to model. Time to decide what tools I need for her to achieve success in life.  After all, like any mom we want our kids to not only walk in our shoes, but have bigger ones with higher heels when the day ends (that's figuratively not literally.)

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