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Friday, April 20, 2012

How safe is your home?

I found this article on Mom Blog Society about a new burglary trend and it seems like something all us moms should read.  Its about something called Burglary Bumping?  Have you heard of it?  It sounds pretty simple and something I wouldn't have thought about, I mean I have locks so I should be safe right?

So that you can read it yourself here is the article:  I never would have thought my locks wouldn't protect me, worse what happens if this occurred while I was home?  Worse, what happens if I'm not and my dogs are?  The questions just started pouring into my mind about if my home is really safe!  

I think the article offered some great advice.  Get high quality locks, sometimes spending the extra dollars does equate to quality.  Lowe's and Home Depot is near by so its time to start pricing.  Next, start looking online for  There are so many systems out their I'll have to really look at which works best for me and my home!  Hopefully some of you will be opening your eyes and minds to keeping yourself and your families safe!  

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