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Thursday, April 12, 2012

HAAN Steam Cleaner Giveaway and Guest Review!

HAAN COMPLETE: Experience Steam. Discover Clean!

Professional Steam Sanitizer for Multipurpose Cleaning - Regularly $179.95

You readers are so lucky!  A blog friend of mine was lucky enough to review a HAAN cleaner and offered the Review and Giveaway for me to post for my readers!  I run a daycare and am totally jealous that you guys get a chance to win this prize!  I do feel blessed to have a blog friend willing to offer you the chance to win one for me.  So here is a little more about the product, the review by Mom Does Reviews, and your chance to win a HAAN Steam Cleaner!!!!

The Product:

HAAN has designed the ultimate steam-cleaning machine. The Complete cleans floors, windows, walls, counters, stovetops and can perform just about any cleaning task imaginable - without chemicals. The canister design is compact and easy to move. It has an onboard attachment kit to get the job done - tile and grout brushes, glass cleaning attachment, garment steam head, MicroCham towel and sponge, angled steam nozzle and more.
The HAAN Complete kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust mites without chemicals.
  • 30 Minutes of Pressurized Steam Cleaning
  • Canister Design
  • COUPON: Save $10 off orders of $50 or more! Enter 10SAVE into the apply coupon box at checkout

Review by Mom Does Reviews:

I must confess, I hate cleaning! I really hate mopping and cleaning windows and showers. I also have to confess that I wasn't looking forward to opening the box and trying the HAAN Steamer. I finally took the plunge, opened the box, read the instructions, got a little confused, had my 9 year old help me, then we started cleaning. I LOVE the MS-30! It cleans everything! I filled up the chamber with 900ml of water, turned it on, waited for the ready light and cleaned away. I steam cleaned the kitchen floor. No smelly floor cleaner, no wringing mops out, no emptying buckets of dirty water! Then I changed the pad and cleaned my sliding glass door. No Windex or paper towels needed. We board dogs of all shapes and sizes at our house, so that slider door was past due for a cleaning. My MS-30 cleaned it without streaking, without power scrubbing and without any Windex. I also cleaned the shower in our downstairs bathroom and cleaned the bathroom floor too. All that with 900Ml of water! I love the power of steam. It can clean and sanitize nearly every surface in my home. And it's lightweight and easy to use. My 9 year old thinks it's fun and ended up cleaning half of our kitchen floor. He also helped me clean the slider. Thanks to HAAN for making cleaning easy and fun! Tomorrow I plan to steam clean my kitchen counters! THE MS-30 gives off steam that is 212 degrees F. No wonder it sanitizes and cleans so well! When your done with your Ultra-Micro-Fiber pads, toss them right into the washing machine on gentle cycle or hand wash them after soaking them for and hour or so. Be sure to air dry them for best results. The MS-30 comes with so many attachments you can clean floors, windows, counters, garments, oven racks, grills, carpets, rugs, mirrors, bathrooms and more! Your home will never feel and look so clean! No chemicals, no cleaners, no waste! The Steam System is the ultimate environmentally friendly way to clean! For those with allergies, HAAN may be your dream come true. I can't wait to clean my bedroom and see if my hubby's allergies get better! Mom Does Reviews gives the MS-30 a big 5 out of 5 stars! Disclosure: I received the products above for review purposes. I was not given any monetary compensation. All opinions are my own. ~ Pam from Mom Does Reviews

The Giveaway:

HAAN has generously donated a MS-30 Steam System to one lucky winner! Thanks to these great bloggers for their support: Powered by Mom, Mom Blog Society, Kat's Cafe, Building Carpenters, Mommy Moments with Abby, Kathleen's Blogspot, and Emptynester Reviews and Giveaways The Giveaway is open to US residents only. It ends 4/26 at 1201am. Good luck!
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  1. I could really clean up with that!

  2. We don't own a steamer, but we desparately need one. We're saving up right now for one, so this could help us out a ton! My girls seem to forget they're supposed to stay at the table when they're drinking juice...

  3. Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    We do not own either steamer or carpet cleaner, this would be great to win :)


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