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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DAWGS Spirit Shoes Giveaway

As a mom I can never have enough comfy shoes to run after the kids in, as a daycare provider I never seem to have enough comfy shoes to run after the kids in with the wear and tear I put on them!  I love that some of my fellow Mom Bloggers are able to offer their opinions on a potential great Mom shoe plus let us share in their giveaways!  Check out what my blog friend Powered by Mom has to say!

Powered by Mom brings you a DAWGS Spirit Shoes Giveaway

My friend over at Emptynester Reviews & Giveaways and I have combed our GIVEAWAYS to give you a chance to win a pair of DAWGS shoes from both of us! Emptynester is giving away a pair of DAWGS flip flops. You only have to enter on 1 Rafflecopter for your chance to win a pair of Rubber Soled Flip Flops ($30 value) or a pair of Women's Spirit shoes ($50)!

Go HERE to read Emptynester's review on the flip flops and my review and rafflecopter are below.

A little bit about DAWGS
The DAWGS Brand footwear label quickly became a leader in the shoe industry's evolution towards new comfort. DAWGS Brand's mission has and continues to bring a Foot's Best Friend to more and more happy people every day.
They have flip flops, sandals, shoes, boots and more!
Here are just a few examples of what they sell. Even though it's now Spring I just love boots so had to show some of the other types of shoes at DAWGS. [caption id="attachment_2394" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dawgs 15" Low Heel Zip Fashion Boots"][/caption]

Powered by Mom's Review

When choosing what color of Spirit shoe to get I went outside my norm and got the white and pink pair pictured instead of my usual black. The Spirit shoe comes in a variety of colors including several in black with various colored accents, white also with different accent colors, navy and tan ones as well. As you can see I went with white which I was a little concerned about because we all know how quickly white shoes get dirty. Well DAWGS does deliver on their promise that these spirit shoes are easy to clean and yes odour resistant too. When you wear shoes without socks which you can of course with the Spirit shoes you are of course taking that chance that they'll get kind of smelly. That has not happened with my Spirit shoes so far and hopefully won't but I've tested them pretty well by wearing them every day for several days inside the house at first and then I went outside and did some gardening in them. The shoes are quite comfortable and I like that they have an adjustable velcro strap as my feet are narrow. I ordered a size 6 as that's usually the largest size of shoe that I wear. The DAWGS just fit without socks and occasionally my toe feels like it's at the top but it's still comfortable. I'm not sure I could wear anything but a thin sock with them though if I wanted to wear socks. Most people probably wouldn't want to wear socks with them but I like to have the option so I would say if you're a bit concerned and wanted to ensure they fit you with socks on order the next size up as in my opinion they fit a wee bit on the small size. DAWGS also states that the Spirit shoes are/have:
  • Extremely Comfortable, Ultrasoft & Lightweight
  • Non-marking
  • Massaging Foot Bed with Arch Support
From everything that I've seen and felt wearing these shoes I would agree with all of those points. Overall it's a nice lightweight, casual shoe that you don't have to worry about getting dirty especially if you get the white ones like me. Now mind you there's probably a limit to that but they survived my digging in the garden so they've done well. Powered by Mom gives the Spirit DAWGS shoes a two thumbs up.
My thanks to the following blogs for helping to promote this DAWGS giveaway and review.
Now for the fun stuff go and enter the giveaway for your chance at a pair of Spirit Shoes or Flip Flops.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

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